Destiny Betley Shape Gallery

In this work by Roberto Matta, there are lots of curvilinear shapes. Most of the shapes in this artwork are curvy.
This artwork by Choi, Hyo Soon has positive shape/ negative shape. The chair and flower is the positive shape and the background in the artwork is the negative shape because the chair and flower stands out more than the background.
In this artwork by La Fresnaye,Roger de has rectilinear shape. The roof and the sides of the house has a rectangle kind of shape in it.
In the picture there is curvilinear shapes.I think that everywhere in that picture it has curvilinear shapes.
In this picture it has geometric shapes. It is reflecting the shapes and the color and everything else.And i think this is called geometric shapes.
In this artwork by Lee, Gil Rae it has organic shapes.The pine tree looking thing is flowing in appearance so it would be organic shapes.
In this artwork by Byoungho Kim it has non objective shapes.Because i'm not sure what it is and i don't recognize the shape or it would be objective shapes.
In this artwork by Roy Lichtenstein it has representational shapes.It looks like something real and it represents a shape you would identify so it would be representational shapes.
In this artwork by Ferruh Basaga it has abstract shapes.It has shape and colors and so it would be abstract shapes.
Credits: All media
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