Principles of art 

Unity, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, Emphasis, & Balance.

Line, space, & color create this artwork to have the principle of unity and balance. The color evens out the space and balances out where your attention goes.
Color, shape, & line create the principles of variety & pattern in this artwork. The colors differ, the shapes seem to be similar and line is placed throughout the work as well.
Shape, space, & texture give this work the principle of pattern. Similar shapes seem to be repeated, the space of this work give it an illusion of depth, and the texture is soft throughout the work.
Value & Space give this work the principle of proportion. The value gives this work realism & contrast. Space creates depth in this work & the proportions are very unique.
Form/Volume, texture, & color give this work the principle of movement. The form/volume gives this work realism. The texture makes it look actual, like the wind is really blowing.
Value, texture, & space give this piece the principle of emphasis. Value creates realism throughout the work focusing on the women and lamb.
Color, texture & space gives this work the principle of balance. The color is evenly used, the texture is real and makes the flowers look realistic, & the space is evenly distributed throughout.
Credits: All media
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