Discord Spencer

A quick view of DISCORD and its many victims...

This is DISCORD because it frames a skull. Maybe from insanity's last meal...
This also frames DISCORD because it shows the skull of something lost
This is DISCORD because (to me) it shows the insanity of a man who wants to be free
This is DISCORD because it depicts a terrifying twist on the innocent poem, Little Miss Muffet
At first, the painting does not seem DISCORD at all... But when you look a little deeper, you see demons and murder and hate and betrayal.
This shows DISCORD because it represents the innocents of a child being locked into a gate due to the shackles that bind it to the place which no child wants to go.
This is obviously DISCORD because it shows angels and demons fighting in the last days.
DISCORD holds place in this seemingly innocent unicorn because it is running away from something...
This woman knows something... Something that pushed her into the world in which no one is sad... The world of insanity.
The death of Jesus was a loss for many... but for the evil that dwell the earth, a gain...
Credits: All media
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