Matriarch power-Waverly Gunter

This gallery will include paintings representing various ways women were importance through their actions and movements in a scene of art. This gallery is dedicated in women expressing their matriarchal power in artwork through their fashion, body positioning, actions, etc. This gallery will include artwork from 1920 to 2010.

Just from the title one can predict that these are strong women in this artwork. The artist wanted viewers to feel certain moods and emotions like strong survival in these women. The color has a dull shade to it and shadows were hugely expressed throughout the artwork. This artwork also has a lack of obvious lines, the lines are so thin they seem to be invisible.
In 1930s, women were still in the fight for their rights and here this artwork shows a couple of women sitting arund a table eith what appears to be a man. These women has a piece paper suggesting they are performing some such task or brainstorming ideas. In other words, this artwork shows matriarchal power back in 1930s where women were getting down to business back then. Again, all of this can only be assumed as for the artist doesn't have a seemingly interview with this piece of art. This artwork is made of mostly lines, shapes and colors. These lines, shapes and colors are not blended together so you can obviously see the all the shapes in the artwork.
This artwork here is rather dark. So dark that you really have to spend time trying yo figure out exactly what it is that you are looking at. This artwork shows a couple of women, one laying down on a charpai and the other one seems to be caring for her. Surprisely, the artist included all of the principles of design in this artwork it is just rather hard to see. As in the previous artwork in 1930, the womens bodies are not completely visible and not realistic looking. The details in this artwork does just the artwork light to it.
This artwork here seems to be a portrait of a woman done from a side angle. The artist here gave emphasis on the realistic shape of the head and neck as well as a realistic shadowing to the cheek, and neck. The artist also put emphasis on the tight details of the woman, i.e. lips, noses and eyes. The women seems to be holding some form of emotion or mood i.e. mad, sad,upset or even bored which is obviously depicted when you first look at the artwork. When I look at this artwork, my mind is worrying why does she look like that, why is she upset or even what is causing her pain or suffering.
The first thought in my mind when looking at this picture is that the artist didn't want this portrait to look like a picture but mostly a portrait with obviously strokes and texture. Dry would be a one word description for me as well. This artwork is another work of art that you have to look at for a long time. As in the picture previous in 1950, you can tell that this women has something big on her mind. This artist unlike the first one did not give the viewers too much details in figuring out what is on in this woman's mind. However, what is obvious is the texture, use of lines and shade of color in this artwork.
This artwork right here is from the 70's. The artist obviously emphasis on texture and design in this artwork. You see a woman sitting down sewing, which could be a little boring. Instead of just a plain portrait, this artist emphasis on design and texture and added it throughout the entire artwork from the background walls to the chair she is sitting in. The details added from the artist is quite obvious and realistic. This artwork almost looks like a photograph that was revised and added texture to it.
This exciting looking portrait shows a woman walking on top of city. Viewers only know this is a woman not only from the title but from the softy looking body. This "Woman Power" artwork definitely expresses the power that is in our women. This woman in this artwork is made of various lines, colors and even shapes. The artist could be giving a message that this is women from all parts of the world. This woman figure also looks to be walking with determination and knows where she is going.
Asiatic art for me started to boom in the 90s. This artwork here is from 1984 and is giving homeage to Mary Lou, a very special and important person to not only the asiatics of the americas but people around the world. This picture could have various meanings and purposes but as a child, a girl, I use to look at this picture and receive encouragement that we as women can do anything- but especially is we practice and try at it. This artist used vibrant colors, shapes and lines and even added a bit a texture in some areas. Viewers can sit and look at this piece of art for hours just looking and finding the many shapes in it.
This artwork gives viewers a scene inside of a gospel church of a woman catching the holy ghost. For many people around the world and especially people up north do not really practie the old traditions of the gospel church. Many non religious or people who follow faith in other religions, do not get to experience or view such an actionable scene. The artist used red for the woman's dress which could be depicted as many different things. Details are obvious in this artwork with the use of colors and shapes. This artwork shows the strength of the woman getting her power from her father-God.
This artwork expresses the honestly of women. Even though woman can be depicted as strong and powerful but women are very emotional creatures as well. This artwork focus point is on an asiatic woman crying with tears falling. You can feel sadness and sorrow with this woman even though you do not know what is her problem. The artist seem to be a background design consisted of little lines and circles over her face and body almost making one think she is in some form of emotional captivity.
Credits: All media
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