This chinese flower is well detailed.
The colors on the waters is very painted and the trees are very good.
The forest in this one is well detailed in the shading.
The sea crab is an original idea.
The sunflower in this painting is well crafted.
This church is well made and the colors around it is the detailed.
The trees are well painted by use colors to make the specific details.
This japenese style painting shows detailed from the kimono and the nature in the background.
This flower piece is well painted especially the flowers and the trees. 
My favorite part about this piece is the reflection on the river.
The waves in this piece is very impressive but also very difficult to do.
The sunflowers shows true positive and light colors.
This self-portrait is well detailed on the hair,beard and coat.
This piece shows the mixture of the colors like the green of the grass and the blue mixing with bits of yellow.
The reason why I picked this piece is because this show the proper way to use your colors.
Credits: All media
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