Super Symmetrical 

An art gallery to experience symmetry across the centuries.

I chose this one because with the addition of a butterfly it makes this a portrait of complete symmetry.
This audience chair, though probably used to the fullest, is a excellent example of utility art along with symmetry.
Another example of a chair and a hat with almost a mirror like quality between the two halves.
I chose this one because it is an excellent example of symmetry but in a repeatable pattern.
This "wroshack-like" piece of art is simple but beautiful and is an example of symmetry with color rather than the black and white wroshack.
I chose this piece because its excellent hand-painted figures and the gold gives it a good contrast.
I chose this ceremonial robe for a princess because it's colors still seem vibrant to this day and whoever made it put a lot of time into creating it.
The oldest piece in this collection shows that even in ancient times humans were enthralled by symmetry as much as we are today.
This piece is one of my favorites because the ancient society that made this is was all about alignment and symmetry and it shows in their work that is still around today.
Although this pieces is different than the other because it shows symmetry in a different way, I found that it still had the same appeal as the other works of art in this gallery.
This is my first abstract piece in the gallery but shows symmetry in at different angles coming together as one.
The second abstract piece is more simple than the first one but shows that symmetry can be found in the most simplest works of art.
The last abstract piece in this gallery is more detailed but somehow more simple than the first two abstract pieces.
By far the strangest piece in the gallery has symmetry in nine different squares but has an almost hypnotic quality to it.
The last piece in the collection is a shrine dedicated to 24 lesser kingdoms of that time but uses symmetry and woodworking in such a beautiful manner.
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