Birds of Paradise

Man continues to use nature to his 'betterment' by way of creating. The creations of humanity are incredible things, but for too long we have ignored the damages some of them do to nature. If we do not turn our habits from creating for man alone to creating for man -and- nature, we will need to pay a massive price. If we continue to try to fly to paradise while we forget to groom our wings, we will lose everything. Everything that we are we owe to the Earth and to nature. Supernovae released elements from stars that, due to miraculous circumstances of unimaginable improbability, formed our planet and every other structure in our solar system in a perfect way that allowed life and, in particular, humanity was able to flourish. We take that miracle for granted and abuse it, and may soon lose it.Climate change is proven, real, and happening. Global warming is causing the melting of enormous amounts of the ice in the poles. Sea levels are rising and will continue to rise exponentially if our polluting habits do not change. It is because of man’s selfish actions that the earth is so badly bleeding. It is only if man can re-attune himself with nature that we can find ways to save it.

Birds elegantly sit on water, their nature unadulterated and able to fly freely. "And yet, while there is only the one thing we can care for and devote ourselves to, we choose instead to care about and attach ourselves to a score of others: to our bodies, to our property, to our family, friends and slaves. And, being attached to many things, we are weighed down and dragged along with them." - Epictetus
Rocks break down to earth as the buried dead does the same. "Nothing can emerge from nothing. . . Nature does not render anything to naught, but she instead reduces everything that she has wrought back to its elemental particles again." - Lucretius
"We now no longer camp as for a night, but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven." -Henry David Thoreau
Self destruction of man. Perhaps war is man's nature, or perhaps man wars because he has abandoned his nature. "Put a piece of real estate in the centre between you and your son, and you'll know how impatient he is to bury you, and how even you are wishing your son were dead." - Epictetus
Land flattened, grass stripped, and trees cut to create a cemetery after war. Freight moves in the background, unknowingly contributing to the start of the largest-scale destruction of nature thru global warming. "Blood, torment, and sacrifice were necessary for man to create memory in himself." "How much blood and cruelty lies at the foundation of all 'good things'!" - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Nature runs from a fire -- from mankind's destruction.
The harvest of life and everything it has to offer. A dark storm hangs over it. It is unknown whether or not the harvest will remain after the storm passes, but the beauty of nature will.
If man returns to his nature, could nature return to its full beauty?
"Men say they know many things; But lo! they have taken wings,-- The arts and sciences, And a thousand appliances; The wind that blows Is all that any body knows." - Henry David Thoreau
Mankind has gone too close to the sun. New estimates predict the oceans rising 6 feet in the next century if pollution remains steady. There's no stopping it; there's no going back. We're already falling, but we can slow our descent.
Contextual interpretation of lyrics: Talking of man's self-destruction due to his destruction of nature. Humans are birds seeking paradise. Nature will reclaim the world in the end, after the chaos is over.
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