Emphasis/focal point

Design Principle

The geometric shape of the circle around the man as well as light focus the attention to the man's head.
The intense color behind the mans head (contrasting with his white hair) draws attention to the man's head.
The negative space surrounding the monkey's face as well as the contrast between the black and white place emphasis on the monkey's face and mainly eyes.
The break in the infinity sign and the contrast of color between the warm-colored hand and the mono-chromatic, cool-colored ice cream cones draw attention to the out-of-place hand.
Diagonal, actual lines from the light beam draw attention to the nativity scene in the center of the painting. Also, the dull, cool colors of the nature emphasize the warm, bright colors of the scene.
The symmetry of the photo created by the outer circle of angels draws attention to the angel in the middle, despite the duller colors.
The break in the repetition pattern of black-tinted squares in this work draws emphasis towards the lips.
The monochromatic background colors allow the dark colored legs to be emphasized by contrast. The legs also generate diagonal lines communicating instability and further drawing the viewers eyes.
The contrast between the complementary colors of green and red in the work draw attention to the sleeping king.
Though the photo is monochromatic, Makovsky utilizes light to draw the viewers eyes to the lantern in the center.
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