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We are family. So why can't we all get along.
Its all in the details. (the right hand) Charles Mellin was a French Baroque artist who worked mainly in Rome. He moved there in 1622 and studied together with Simon Vouet and Domenichino. He gained prominence in 1630 when he won a competition with Poussin and Lanfranco. His artworks in Rome include various frescos. He was also awarded the commission to create decorations of the vault and walls in the church of Montecassino. This lost cycle of fifteen paintings is considered his most significant achievement besides his work in San Luigi dei Francesi. In 1643 Mellin went to Venice where he created a number of works, of which only two paintings survive today. Masaniello's revolt led to his precipitous departure and return to Rome. Mellin's style comes very close to that of Vouet and Lanfranco, but several of his paintings also reveal that he studied Poussin intensively. His portrait of Alessandro Borro is one of his most recognized works.
What more can I say?
Cvrček's Dream 1981 Kurt Gebauer Style Conceptual Art , New Figuration Medium two part statue, textile, wood, straw, polyester I saw a video online that started out with this scene.
The Isaiah manuscript A is one of the seven scrolls discovered in Qumran in 1947. It is the largest and best preserved scroll, and represents the only biblical book that has survived in its entirety. The fifty-four columns contain all sixty-six chapters, without a marked division between what modern scholarship regards as First and Second Isaiah. The scroll is one of the oldest Dead Sea Scrolls - it dates from about 100 BCE and is older by about one thousand years than the oldest biblical manuscripts (such as the Aleppo Codex) known prior to the Qumran finds. The text, which is written clearly enough to be understood immediately by readers of modern Hebrew, substantiates to a remarkable degree the wording and orthography of medieval manuscripts.
I could never afford this type of luxury in life, but it would be cool to rest in it eternally in the afterlife.
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