The Ways of Love - Marco Consiglio

The theme of this gallery represents romance and passion through different expressions of love. Both older and modern art express love in their pictures through emotions and the choices of colors they use. Each picture chosen depicts a different type of love and emotion that the paintings emit to the viewer.

This piece of art depicts unity though its different colored lights that are in the shape of a Chinese love symbol. The different rainbow colors of red, purple, green, blue, yellow, and orange show that we can all live together in piece and love. Having all these colors thats are in the opposite spectrums of each other really shows that it is okay to love one another.
This piece of art depicts that love comes in different kinds and forms. Each square has a heart in it but some hearts are brighter then others, flipped upside down, and some of them are completely blacked out. That represents how love is a mystery, love comes differently from everyone you meet and it could be a hit or a miss depending on the connection you have the that person.
This piece of art depicts how love can be so strong you can't be separated in life and death. The bold red color of the background not only represents love and passion but also represents death and sorrow. This couple is taking their lives from each other so that they can remain together even in the after life. They aren't letting life or death separate them because their love is so strong.
This piece of art depicts a child with a broken heart and how his life has just taken a turn for the worse. His love for his family and his town has just been crumbled because everything this child has known has been destroyed. Splattered red paint around the child's face represents blood of his fallen loved ones. While his eyes of disbelief show a big explosion in them from a bomb that just went off.
This piece of art depicts a couple that is deeply in love. They have a bond that every time they kiss they feel connected and special like they have a place in the world together. These warm colors shown light up their bodies and with a triadic color scheme it shows balance in them as lovers.
This piece of art depicts that these two spirits are in sync with one another. Their connection is very strong but one of them has to leave. The cool colors show the sadness they have and are folding each other tight not wanting to let one another go. The butterflies represent peace and love for one another but the darkness of the colors still mean they are going to be spread apart.
This piece of art depicts a women who has had to let a loved one go because of a death. The ocean blue colors show depth and lost love for her dead loved one with spilt pink roses on the surface of the water . The roses poured out the words, "I Love You" onto the surface of the water while the women berries her head in the water trying to look for her loved one. The color of her golden blond hear represents purity while the red streaks represent danger and love.
This piece of art depicts ancient gods of the plants Mars and Venus making piece with one another through the act of making love. The light red covers show love for one another, while the dark green curtains is showing power, and the white bed covers and pillows shows purity. The white doves on the ground shows that they are at peace with one another and have just connected and made a bond with each other by making love.
This piece of art depicts an older couple out on a date while the man is feeding his wife some food and treating her to a glass of champagne. The black background is putting all your focus on the couple and shows that they don't have any other care in the word but one another.
This piece of art depicts a man and a women meeting for the fist time at a formal event. The women is playing hard to get while the man is trying to kiss the women's neck. The royal purple color indicates high class and mystery, while the mans white suit shows he is pure with good intentions. On the other had the lades black dress shows that she has a dark side and maybe isn't the most innocent people.
Credits: All media
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