Perspective as a medium of tricking the eye

Diego de Siloe creates on the 16th century this drawing in one point perspective. It is a good example of one of the earliest study of perspective in architecture.
A more advanced perspective is drawn by Giovanni Battista, in his “Perspective of Arches, with a Smoking Fire (1749), we can appreciate a more complex use of three point perspective. Giving the illusion of height and depth.
Perspective allow us to communicate ideas, and in conjunction with proportions and lighting, we can achieve a realistic look. In this piece, Project A.C.T. Architecture, by Renaud Bardon (Octobre 1979), we can see the how the artist represented the concept of an architectural project with the use of perspective.
This piece adds an interesting twist in perspective, distortion, either by the artist or by a mirror effect on the walls.
This painting used perspective as an early expression of photograph, life during a regular day in Milan's square.
In this painting by Canella, we can appreciate the focal point in the horizon, and how proportion changes over distance.
We can find a similar effect with mirrors and exposure in photographs. like in this picture from Doyang Zu.
A nice example of the perspective concept, we can see the lines of the base and top converging at the same focal point. A simple image that gives such a powerful concept.
Artist can bend objects, and create interesting effects as in this drawing by Jeesun Hahn.
Hahn shows different ways of using perspective, with different materials and concepts. bending reality.
TO create a good perspective illusion, we need to used scale and proportion, we can see how Hahn scales the texture around the frame.
Light can be helpful to accentuate the illusion of depth. In this painting by Landesio, the artist used light to draw the attention towards the focal point.
This painting is interesting, beside being one of the earliest examples of perspective, we can see two different levels of depth. The top has a stronger depth of field than the bottom one.
This is an excellent example of three point perspective. BY adding a third focal point to the drawing lines, we can achieve the illusion of bigger environments.
Perspective can be artistically played within a photograph. In this example we see the road going all the way trough the frame making it the subject in the photo.
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