What a Colorful renaissance

This gallery is dedicated to the colorfulness of art pieces from the Renaissance. The Renaissance is known for its breakthroughs in technology and techniques of pieces of art. Here we will look as some of the pieces that exemplify these many colors throughout pieces of art in the Renaissance time period. -Matt Logsdon

The Fall of the Rebel Angels is an piece of art that has a very unique color use. While clearly this is a painting of a battle, it uses very bright and I was assume vibrant colors to create what is going one. Usually you wouldn’t see bright blues and yellows in a battle painting.
The Birth of Venus is a very beautiful piece of art once you look at it. While this piece doesn’t exactly use the most vibrant and bright of colors, it uses very beautiful pinks for the flowers and sheet, and a beautiful red for the color of the hair colors.
The Abduction of Helen to me seems to be a very dark piece that when it is examined more carefully, can be much more appreciated. While this painting displays a very dark theme to it, it still somehow works very well with the bright colors used for the clothing and skin.
Adoration of the Trinity to me seems to resemble one of those stereotypical Renaissance paintings with a very religious message. This painting is all around vibrant and colorful and this is a piece that really amazes you with the use of color used for each individual person for this period of time.
The Adoration of the Magi is a piece that when I look at it, it really makes me think about how people dressed during this period of time. These gowns worn are so colorful and vibrant that it makes you think about how people dress today, even with today’s technology, people don’t regularly dress as colorful as depicted in this painting.
“Hare” is just a simple painting of a Hare Rabbit. While this piece may not be the more colorful picture, I love the use of color in this picture. While the Renaissance was known for its advancements, I feel that this is no exception. For the time that this piece was made, it is a very realistic looking painting and looking closely at this piece, it seems that each individual hair has multiple shades and hues.
The Merchant Georg Gisze is a painting of a man at a table. This piece seems very cool to me because this shows objects laying around and clothing styles. This painting seems to be a dull and not so colorful piece, but it seems as if this was the exact setting of this picture as if it was like a photograph from this era.
The Night Watch is another unique piece when looking at colorful paintings from the Renaissance. This painting looks like it is a group of people outside at night roaming around or looking for something. While this is a dark picture, it still very colorful when looking at the people and the color of their skin and hair.
St. Francis in the Desert is a piece where a man is standing on what looks like a stone slab and looking up possibly towards the heavens. This picture uses a lot of browns and yellows for the desert and the buildings. While it uses a very interesting blue-ish gray color for the stone which is what originally made me feel drawn to this piece.
The Last Judgment is a very early renaissance piece and this somewhat shows through how the people look, not exactly as great as some of the later pieces. This piece is extremely colorful and most of it is even painted in gold. A painting like this makes me think about how they had such a broad color pallet for the period that this was created.
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