Spring is a time of joy and happiness at the beginning of new life. Plants start to bloom again and the world is full of color. Although this is a very bright time in nature, people view this period in different ways. Some admire the beauty of nature, but some are not able to view it in this way. Springtime can also mean something other than nature blooming. This gallery is meant to show various artists view points of springtime.

This painting is the typical vision of springtime, with bright colors and blossoming life everywhere. The piece portrays newly green fields and trees abounding in white blossoms. Even though they are half hidden by the trees, the brightly colored houses reflect the naturally light colors of the land. The lightness of the color palette indicates the joy and happiness of springtime in the countryside. Also, the coloring is emphasized by the way the paint is laid in large quantities.
This piece still focuses on the springtime of nature but with humans in the midst of it. All the coloring is very warm and friendly, and the children's faces are flushed, indicating that they were just playing around in the newly living fields. Now there is a serene look in both of the children's faces, and they are looking at the beauty of the fresh nature surrounding them. Not only does nature bring forth new life in springtime, but it brings about a new happiness in the humans that admire it.
This piece shows a bustling city in the midst of springtime. The extended and abrupt brush strokes suggest movement, so it gives the illusion that the city is alive and breathing. There are not many bright colors except for the bright green of the tree leaves, which show the fresheness of the trees. There are carriages and people everywhere with places to go and people to see. Springtime in this city not only brings forth new life and vegetation but a new purpose for people. With the weather nicer and not as bitterly cold, people are motivated to go out and live their life. Springtime breeds the action of the people.
The painting shown here is the very beginning of spring. There are many greys and whites from the past winter, but towards the middle the plant life is starting to grow back and turn green, and the tree is beginning to blossom. However, in this piece the tree is not the only thing blooming. There is a bit of humanity in this natural piece through the two lovers on the left side. It is a new blossoming love, as indicated by the nature surrounding them. The two have the brightest colors in the work, especially the red hair of the girl. So, springtime here not only means new life but new love as well.
This piece takes a drastic turn from the previous works. The coloring is very dark with a dirty yellow background and a grey and black detailing. The entire scene is filled with sadness from the coloration and the isolation of the figures. the sea that takes up most of the piece is violent with waves crashing all around, probably indicating the torment of the exiled people. Springtime is indicated by the whiteness of the blossoming trees toward the right. This piece shows that even though springtime may be occurring in nature, it is not necessarily occurring in people's hearts, for this emperor is experiencing bitter loneliness and not the joy of spring.
This work is not as dark as the previous piece, but it is not the typical springtime painting. The colors are all cold blues and greens, and they are all muted. This color scheme does not evoke light and happy thoughts, but it gives a more mellow and calmer sense. The brush strokes are blurry, possibly indicating a windy day. This painting has a cold and dreary expression,yet somehow, because the coloring is so muted, it makes the viewer feel calm and at peace. This in between time in spring where the weather is still cold and the trees have not blossomed is not necessarily a forlorn time, but a moment to reflect and be at ease.
This is the closing piece, yet a fitting one for a happy ending. It portrays a soldier arriving back at his home after a long and strenuous time in the military. The colors are all quite light, but the sunlight is in the middle, directed on the soldier and his town, making them the focal point of the work. The lighting signifies the joy that soldier must be feeling at the site of his beloved home. This piece signifies the upcoming springtime in the soldiers life, newfound joy and happiness on his return home.
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