Principle of Balance

Examples of balance in artwork

The tree and the knight on the horse balance out both sides of the painting
The young child in the bottom right balances with the swan in the top left
The men and woman on the left combine to make a smaller image that balances with the woman on the right
The men balance each other out while the table in the middle keeps the entire painting balanced
The image on the left is in balance with the image on the far right. The woman's head in the middle creates a point that this equidistant from both images
The woman on the left is balanced out by the door on the right
The smaller windows are balanced out by the larger golden curtain
The smaller children and the black horses on the left balance out the larger image of the woman on the right
The mountain ranges on the left balance out the range on the right
The woman in the middle draws attention with her red robe while the two images on the left and right of her balance out the painting
Credits: All media
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