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A male figure stands over lotus flowers, with his arms reaching out and grasping two geese each by the neck. The male figure identifies as a god. The pendant is made of gold, and was made in Crete.
These statues were place inside the tombs of elites, preventing them from being summoned to work in the afterlife. This piece was only placed inside the most high end of people's tombs.
This scarab was given to the Amunhotep and Quen Tiye for their marriage. It is made of faience and was glazed.
This cartonnage of a a Thebian priest shows his divinity. it is painted with religious markings. The piece is made with papyrus and plaster mix, pigment, lapis lazuli, and glass.
This head shows examples of traditional and Amarana styles of art. Showing the traditional idealistic face of a young man showing no emotion or story or age. The realistic features show Amaranan style
This piece of pottery displays designs of what seems to be people on a boat. The boat and people were painted onto the piece. This was probably representing the workers who fished for food to sell.
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