The space enlightenment

Mankind has always dreamed of learning about and exploring the realm beyond our own. This exhibition illuminates the space enlightenment of the 19th and 20th centuries. The artworks, together, show the technological and the intellectual developments that have been achieved due to human's pioneering spirt to learn the unknown.

This piece is a perfect depiction of how foreign space was. In this painting Vincent Van Gough shows how unlettered people were of the stars. However, this didn't stop mankind from developing new technologies to explore it.
This piece by P.S. Kroyer is included because it portrays the road to the moon or space. In other words, it means the period of enlightenment. That's why this piece is at the start of the exhibition because the road to space began in the 19th century.
At the time of this artwork's creation in the 19th century, mankind just learned that the moon was the cause of sea tide. This information lead to the development of more successful seafare.
This piece by William A. Anders depicts the development of space-rovers. These rovers were sent to the moon to explore it before humans were able to later in the enlightenment period.
This piece by Russell L. Schweickart shows the creation of the spacecraft. This spacecraft allowed Neil Armstrong to step foot on the moon. This was a significant moment in the space enlightenment period.
This picture taken by Neil A. Armstrong was the first step on the moon. Human's just a mere 100 years before, basically a lifetime, most advanced vehicle was a sailboat. Now, after the enlightenment, mankind can transfer people across the vastness of space and onto the moon.
In this picture by Joel Sternfeld, the space shuttle just landed at Kelly A. Field. Mankind went from disposable to reuseable spacecraft. This will prove to be an important development in future space-flight.
In this picture, the Challenger mission was able to propel an astronaut out from the spacecraft and return him safetly. This development was completely derived from mankind's pioneering spirit, and that's why it's included in this show.
Credits: All media
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