Life through a stranger

This is art that somehow relates to me and makes me feel something but from someone who doesn't even know me.

I adore photos of the 50's! It makes me wish that I lived back in the simpler times. I picked this picture because I want to be a teacher when I graduate. Here are some kids enjoying each others company and signing the yearbook. This is such a fun picture because it shows that they had good memories through school and want to remember each other in years to come.
The first element that attracted me to this picture is the color. I love bright colors! I think everyone needs something bright in their life. It could be a friend with their bold and fun personality or it can simply be a pair of bright red shoes. Everyone needs something that makes them feel bright and special. Why try to fit in when we were all born to stand out!
I have always loved this painting by Vincent Van Gogh for many reasons. I love the strokes and how they seem to be all very individual and it is so appealing to the eye because of the cool colors. It is almost relaxing in a sense. I am a night owl and I love sitting out and stargazing. The title catches my attention for that reason alone.
At first the detail work in the metal and the colorful colors caught my attention. I then zoomed in and realized there are individual little paintings on this big painting. If you look closely you will see the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks of Paris, children, and even a couple getting married! Sometimes you never know the potential of something unless you look closer and spend some time with it. I absolutely love this piece.
The first thing that caught my eye was the lion and wondering what the story behind it is. The fierceness and power that a lion portrays is fascinating. What was also interesting to me was that someone did the blue around him. The blue contrasting with the golden yellow and orange makes him stand out so much more. Almost making him seem more powerful and bold.
When I first looked at this I thought oh a bunch of random colors but together. When I looked closer I realized it was so much more. These are pictures through the generations of the wedding from the same family. It is so beautiful to see families growing and celebrating together through time. So much thought into this collaboration of pictures from years to years.
The undertones of this painting pull you in with the light blues and greens. They almost make you relaxed, like you are when you visit the beach or in my case, any body of water. I love the water! The little boat out in the water is very appealing because I enjoy being out on the water, in a boat or even just being by the water. I think it is neat that over to the left there are a couple people working by the water. It may give them some inspiration with the natural beauty of it all.
The main reason I selected this piece of art is because it was done with colored pencils. I had no idea colored pencils could be this beautiful and vibrant! The other reason I selected this is because of the title. at first I was trying to figure out the meaning behind this art and I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be flowers or people. It may be none of those things and this is why it is an "Unfinished Story."
This is done on paperboard. I assume that is a lot like cardboard and most of the time when I have to draw on cardboard nothing looks this good! This appealed to me because of that especially but also because it is fall. I love fall and the colors that come with it. It is beautiful to see the leaves changing. Something also caught my eye when I was studying this piece and it is that the piece is unfinished up at the top right. Makes you wonder what happened to the artist to where he could not finish it.
My first thought that I had about this piece was that there had to be a great meaning behind it. As I was reading I saw that the lotus the girl was holding does mean something, as does the green tint on her hand. It means that we must stay connected to nature in someway. I also love that it is on wood and how interesting that it is floating. It will always be moving.
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