A Child's Life

This exhibition shows the significant events in a child's life when they are young. The images are set in order from birth to the early stages of adolescent and shows 

Within this drawing you can see a new born baby being cuddled with by its mother. I chose this drawing because as soon as a baby is born the first person who holds them is their mother.
This photograph is of a couple bonding with their young child at a carnival. I chose this picture because before a child enters school they spend time with their parents creating happy memories.
This photograph is of a child thing to learn math using blocks at school. I chose this picture because at some point in time every child must enter school and start learning.
In this photograph there are children playing on a park slide enjoying life. I chose this picture because as a child letting go and having fun is one of the main things you think about through school.
In this photograph is two children sitting together smiling at the unknown. I chose this picture because as a child friendship is important and building relationships are key to growing up.
In this photograph is a child celebrating his birthday. I chose this picture because a birthday is important in every childs' life. They learn social skills and build relationships.
This photograph is of a growing family. I chose this photo because as a young kid your family might not just stop with you. Your parents might keep having kids and gaining a sibling can change your life
This photograph is of older child teaching his brother how to skateboard. I chose this picture because as you grow older and have siblings you have to pass the things you've learned down.
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