Movement in Mythology

In this gallery you will see the depictions mythology's amazing creatures and gods. Also show in all of the pieces in this gallery is movement. Movement is a part of the actions being taken in the paintings in witch the mythological depictions are being depicted in.

This statue shows Perseus about to slay Medusa. You can see the motion of Medusa trying to crawl away as Perseus comes up behind her about to cut off her head.
In this piece you can see Hurcules about to slay the Lernaean Hydra and complete his second labour.
In this painting you see the woman's soul being taken into the afterlife while someone weeps over her dead body.
You can see Tor swing back his hammer as he is about to win the fight against the giants.
You can see Icarus falling into the see just after he had flew too close to the sun and all the feathers from his wings were falling off.
Perseus facing Phineus with the decapitated head of Medusa as Phineus try to shield his eyes from her gaze.
Cupid watching over his work with Hercules and Deianira
The guardian angel swoops down to guide the young child onto the right path.
In this depiction of Poseidon you can see as the god of the sea fights against the pollution in his waters.
In this painting you see Chiron (the centaur) pointing toward something as he teaches Achilles.
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