The impact of a Line

By Callie Rhoads

This piece uses lines to make shapes and also implies lines. The lines in between the circles invite the eye from one circle to the next.
The branches create lines that connect the two pigeons and creates a cohesive piece.
The implied lines mixed with the actual lines create the impression of rain. The lines also define the outline of the shape of the man.
The lines of the railing take you on the path of the bridge and then onto the house in the background.
The rounded implied lines draws the eye to the center of the painting and slowly draws the eye back out the the edges.
Although there are not any actual lines to outline the little boys' bodies, the implied lines from color creates a soft line that distinguishes them from the background.
The lines on the tent and the logs draws the eyes to the people in which the artist feels is important for the audience to see.
Interestingly, the artist uses as few lines as possible. When you look closely, lines are connected that may not look that way at first.
This artist solely uses straight lines to outline the lady and the foot. It makes for a simple, clear painting.
The implied lines in this piece create a sense of heat coming from the sun, drawing the eye from the focal point, down, throughout the rest of the painting.
Credits: All media
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