Voice of Colors

This gallery showcases a few number of art works beautifully colored to bring taste in them.

The reason why I chose this piece or painting is the richness in color. The painter has lavished a great amount of colorful detailing on the painting.
This painting did an excellent job in telling its story. Two people gazing upon and enjoying the beautiful sky with the lovely surrounding details.
This Painting with its beautiful coloring tells the story of baby Jesus and the Three Wise men's visit. With the way this painting was colorfully outlined, you can easily tell what's going on.
The background is unique. the lady's cloth color matches the background color. There is an amount of detailing involved which is of the reasons why l chose this painting.
There's not too much detail in this painting, but the simplicity of the coloring is what attracted me to this painting
What I like mostly about this painting is the shadow pattern
The reason why this painting was chosen is the simplicity of the colors, the brush style, the shadow cast.
There's a great deal of detailing work done on this painting to bring out the voice of the painting.
I like this painting because of the emotions attached. Main looking at her, you can easily tell how she is feeling.
In this painting, the color tells alot about the theme. It is easy to understand the theme.
I like this one and chose it because of the tremendious amount of detail. The voice of the color speaks a whole lot about this painting.
This was chosen because it's Egyptian.
I chose this one for the motion attached to the painting.
This is an emotional painting which suggests a proud mother and her baby. some of the detailings also suggests what time of the day it is.
This painting suggests home setting with lots of details. Mom and child probably preparing some food.
Credits: All media
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