Imagination and Beyond

This Gallery is composed of artworks based on what lies on the other side of the void. Outer-space has always been a very intriguing subject to the human race. Within this gallery is an experience of the myths of black holes, alien creatures, to the exploration of another planet. This gallery uses many different forms of media including, paint on canvas, photograph, graffiti art, and prints.

This Photograph of the Earth was taken from the moon By Mission Apollo-Saturn 8. This piece utilizes positive and negative space along with symmetrical balance to raise a powerful point of between the earth and Out-Space. While also serving a great as a memorial of success in our exploration of space.
This is a photograph Of Bruce McCandless taken in 1984 is of him floating above the horizon of the Earth utilizes contrast between the vast unknown and the home planet to focus on Bruce as he conquers another step for humanity to explore our unanswered questions about the beyond.
Moved Landscape - Journey 066 is a Piece of digital art depicting a growing mountain range on the surface of the Moon. this particular piece shows the creative imagination of what could become within the depiction of the man climbing up the crest. this photo gives also gives a sense of how big we really are in comparison to the rest of the universe.
The next piece featured in this gallery is a 2 dimensional painting entitled Wandering Planet. This piece uses its Triadict color scheme to tell a story of the dark side within the universe. The values within the colors give the piece movement as the planets align. thus setting a haunting tone of what may come after the light vanishes.
Astral Dance is a vibrant 1410 X 1620 cm painting chosen for its use of space and dramatic color to create texture within a 3 dimensional atmosphere as a foundation to draw all darkness into the light. Depicting a new beginning. Giving an uplifting sense of the possibility within Space.
The next piece is an illustration used for a movie depicting a force that drives the universe. This piece was chosen due to its use of line as a shading method to create dimension within the piece. Repetition also plays a major role within the color scheme to provide unity between the planets and the excess energy being forced from the central source.
Another theory associated with space is black holes possibly being a form of travel. This particular piece of street art makes spectacular use of symmetrical balance of a fox jumping through a black hole to get around the corner. This painting also encourages movement within the contrast of the colors in the fox and the background giving it a fun yet powerful tone.
This next piece is quite powerful. Like A Dog in Outer Space is in reference to being alone. The asymmetrical balance of this piece almost forces you to act as if the table setting doesn't exist.The shading used within the glass provides texture and brings unity to the piece. This piece was chosen for its powerful message that although imagination can lead to great things it can also lead to disaster and loneliness until the next discovery.
Outer Space by Richard Haro is beautiful piece of wall art located in Los Angeles from 1977-2012. Outer Space uses a very common formal element to create focal points within the piece. its massive amounts of color and shape to characterize common stories about what maybe outside of our atmosphere.
Finally we have come to a piece that holds its own interesting appeal. Although you would think that a giant gelatinous alien would send you running this jolly guys uses his bright pink exterior to invite you to get to know him just a little better. Also the Bold use of line compliment the shading giving the painted alien a flubber like texture
Credits: All media
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