Josue Tiguila Jr. 

I love how every inner circle is proportionally smaller than the other.
The artist perfectly scales down the levels on the pyramid
The animals hanging from the lampshade are equal in size. Also the animals are proportionally smaller to the lampshade
The musicians are equal in size while the child is ridiculously smaller than the virgin
In the painting Diego Rivera Emphasizes on the woman's breasts and rear end. Also the head is scaled down smaller then usual.
The artist uses the illusion of little squares making big ones. This is very similar to a math problem where small, similar squares are circumscribed within each other.
The artist uses the girl as an isosceles triangle. The sides of the dress are the two congruent sides and the bottom is the unequal side.
The objects in the image are scaling down in size in harmony.
Credits: All media
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