This painting is very colorful against the black background. I chose it because it has beutiful colors and shapes.
The bright orange streaks compliment the brown dots and gives the painting a warm feel.
This georgeous vase is a royal blue, and the gold perfectly compliments it.
This bedroom is very bright and colouful.Van Gogh exitedly prepared everything for his painter friend, Paul Gaugin's stay.
The different colours of the water make it look like a real storm and give it a dark feel.
This vase has details of peacock feathers, which were very fashionoble at that period.
This painting is set in the late afternoon and everything is bathed in a warm, golden light.
The smoky grey is a great contrast to the dark reddish brown background.
It has odd shapes and bold bright colours which stand out against the plain background.
In this painting, the artist has used lots of different shades of one colour.
This a very old and highly coloured peice done using tempera and gold leaf on parchment.
The artist has painted it using diluted colous to create a misty apperal.
The trees are all different but have been painted in the same colour.
This very old vase has a bird design on the top and has swirly designs with holes intersparsed betwwen.
The cloud of snow and ice is a big impact with the craggy mountains.
The artist has used lots of different types of red in this painting.
The sky is dark, with litle flashes of sunlight, making it look like it is about to rain.I chose it as it looks dark and brooding and about to rain.
The church has many towers and spires. In the foreground on the right, heading towards the church is a small party, perhaps just returned from hunting.
The sun appears to be setting or rising between the hills. The lake is almost black, except one small patch.
The sea has light patches on the wave caps and it is sunny with only a few clouds.