Love In Vibrant Color - Rebecca silberman

An exploration of passion and desire and the vibrant colors used to depict these intense emotions. In this gallery, we will examine how the artists use color to show the depth of their emotion. Most of these pieces relate to love and romance, and the feelings associated with those concepts.

Prince playing Holi in harem, Unknown, 1800 AD, From the collection of: National Museum - New Delhi
This painting shows a prince and his beloved celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi, which takes place in the Spring, and is known as both the festival of colors and the festival of love. However, the true focus of this piece is love and the spring. The couple on the stairs are gazing into each others' eyes passionately, surrounded by the bright warm colors of the festivities.
Endless Love, Koh Sang Woo, 2012/2012, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This is a piece that I really feel exemplifies my theme. Even in death, the feelings of love remain, and the bright colors resemble the negative of a photograph. The lovers are surrounded by bright flowers and bathed in a a bright teal glow. The intense colors in this image create a stark contrast with the black, really drawing in the eye to the subject.
Help Me Love, Romain Froquet, 2013/2013, From the collection of: 9eme Concept
This is an abstract piece, and I think the color really helps to convey the concept of love as suggested by the title. The many shades of purple are intense and passionate, and the white and pale yellow makes it all the more soothing to look at. Through its rounded abstract shapes and gentle colors, this piece is both pleasant and interesting.
The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, 1908-1909, From the collection of: Belvedere
This painting uses color to surround its subjects with warmth. Bright yellow encases both subjects, and the patterns of their clothing are used to differentiate where one ends and the other begins. The blues, greens, and purples of the flowers at their feet are continued in the woman's dress and hair and around her face.
Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love, Eustache Le Sueur, about 1636–1638, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
In this dramatic Renaissance painting, the variety in skin tones accompanied by the bright drapes the gods and goddesses are dressed in creates a pleasant and gentle color palette. The departing boat in the background begins to fade into the light blue of the sky, as Aphrodite and Neptune watch in the foreground. The pale colors create a dreamlike feel to this painting.
This painting depicts a bride and groom kissing above a basket of fruit, underneath which lovers are lying together. The emphasis is clearly placed on the fruit, which is in the center and stands out in bright warm colors. Chagall was known for his use of both colors and symbolism in his paintings, and this exemplifies both.
"Conversing with the Moon-He Sen Solo Exhibition": The Romance of West Chamber - Farewell at the Pavilion, He Sen, 2012.2.12-2012.2.24, From the collection of: Today Art Museum
In this painting, a woman is saying goodbye to her lover, who is presumably leaving for war or some kind of journey. The outside of the painting is very colorful, but the inner strip is many shades of cold blues. This artist is using color to capture the emotion of the scene and the sadness of the subjects.
Lesbians, Unknown, Rajasthan School, 1875/1900, From the collection of: Academy of Fine Arts and Literature
In this piece, the two women are relaxing together, one drinking and the other smoking a hookah. Behind them, the background is empty gray, but the space surrounding the couple is full of bright and warm colors. In this way, the artist draws the eye to the subject and makes it feel like they are isolated together and separated from the darkness outside.
Princess Konohanasakuya, Domoto Insho, 1929, From the collection of: Kyoto Prefectural Domoto-Insho Museum of Fine Arts
This piece depicts a goddess from the Kojiki, a Japanese chronicle dating back to the 8th Century. She had the power to make flowers bloom. The pale color palette and abundance of flowers gives the painting an air of springtime, with many things symbolizing beauty and fertility. Her long white dress makes her look mysterious and elegant.
Love my love / Popping shower dance / Sugar Beam Planet, Yi-Ju HSIEH X papabubble, 2013, From the collection of: Fubon Art Foundation
This is an installation in both paint and sugar. The bright colors, imaginative shapes, and use of literal candy make for a sweet and childlike feel. The rainbow clouds and colorful plants painted on the walls add to the dreamlike setting. I feel the lighting could be used more effectively to add to the atmosphere.
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