Traveling through Art

This is a collection of works of Art that I believe are unique and beautiful in their own way.

This is definitely an unusual work of art. The fact that it is completely done in spray paint though is incredible to me. However I don't understand the concept of this one, there is a piper on the back of fish. Maybe the piper has the fish in a trance and just has it taking him where ever he desires at the fishes pace.
This is one of my absolutely favorite paintings ever. To me this is a very spiritual painting. The ways that Van Gogh paints the stars to almost look like arms of God that are protecting the town below it from all evil. While the tree seems to be the focus of the painting the stars are sky is what draws me in. I would love to see this painting in person one day.
The love and joy that is shown in this painting is very evident. You may not be able to see the look on the mothers face, but the way that she cuddled into him shows that her love is unending. The child looks so comfortable and at peace with where he is at that moment. For this to be such a simple painting it holds such a deep meaning to me.
This casket is one of the most detailed and intricate I have ever seen. There is so much beauty in this as well as sadness as the loss of someone. However it also seems that it tells the story Salar Jung I life by the pictures of what looks like a church and a home on it. The lion on top represents royalty to me.
In my opinion I think is a very disturbing piece of art. The look in the girls eye is almost empty. I had to zoom in to even see the color in the young girls eyes. To me it seems like she has lost her childhood by the type of work she had to do as a young girl.
I love bright colors and this piece of art has many different bright and colorful colors in it. This seems to be depicting the calm before the storm of the Revolution against Spain. Where as this piece may have bright colors it seems to have a darker underlying meaning. It also shows that people can and will come together to fight for what they believe in.
I was not really sure what this was and in the details it did not describe anything about it. To me it kind of looks like a spray can that has been recycled and decorated to be reused. The bright colors and artistic shapes of this are what really drew me in and curious about this piece.
I believe that everyone is an artist in there own way. The other photos that were in this gallery showed a wide variety of people adding to this large piece of art. It showed young and old adding what they wanted and where. Also the silhouettes in the background are all different some of them even look like they may be pregnant.
This is such a beautiful and detailed painting. I have always loved seeing different people's perspectives on sunrise and I think that this one is an excellent example of one. The fine details of the leaves of the trees and the grass are incredible and so life like.
I think that this is a very powerful and interesting piece of art. When I first looked at it I thought maybe it could have been depicting Adam and Eve then read in the details that it was. You can see the shame and disappointment that is expressed on Adam and Eves faces, while the devil has a smug and achieved look on his.
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