Life in the great deption 

The Dust Bowl was an agricltrul, ecnonrie and social disaster that took place in texas, extreme drought and high winds destroyed the farmland of great plains. severe dust storm were created that would blackout
The new deal was between in years 1933 to 1938. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president during the crises. He was president from 1933 to 1937
It is also knowen as the dirty therties. There was a lot of dust storms. The dust storms did a lot of damage.
It is also known as the National Labor Relations Act. Its is inported part of histery.
People lost there homes because of the Breadlines. George Segal was the reason. The people couldent pay rent.
17,000 people gatherd in wastionton d.c. Many of veterions were out of work from the begging oc the great dirprion.
Was the largesed there was.To help people get jobs.To help build buildings and roads.
To transfer payments. that everyone has to have one. That old people can get money from it.
He was the 32 presudent of the united states. His full name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was a American Democratic statesman.
The hoover dam was once known as the boulder dam. The hoover dam opened in 1936. The hoover dam is 726 feet high.
He was the 31st preasident of the unide states. He did the marked stalks of 1929
He was the best novalest. He wrote about the homeless and the helpless.
She was outside a lot and ben known as the migrant mother. The pictures are of her and her kids.
was citizens growing the was in between 1933 to 1942.
Was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist. work for a Farm Security Administration.
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