The good, bad and everything in between

Human Nature is a fragile attitude that can be majorly affected when put in risky situaitions. 

This painting of the destruction of pompeii shows people holding on to others while fire is being hurled at them. It is in our human nature to protect others we love and care about in a time of danger.
This image caught my eye personally, because it reminded me of The lord of the flies. In the novel, the boys loose their human sense and reality and start to have bonfires down at the beach. Human nature can also be lost when put in drastic measures.
This is the ideal image of a man and woman. The man is showed to be dressed in a semi-formal black coat while the woman is showed in a fancier dress. Appearance is a big part of human culture
This painting of The Apparition of Christ shows the people on their knees, worshipping God and in awe at the sight of him. It is our custom to give away everything and be in awe at the sight of people above us.
Marie Antoinette had multiple children at the age of 16. Looking at a flaw of human nature, it has usually been socially normal for a woman to stay home and cook or stay home and take care of children. It has been seen in Human Nature to underestimate the power of women.
This picture includes features that would be recognized when considering human nature attitude. There appears to be a group of people who could be together as a family. People naturally surround themselves with people who make them feel happy; like a family.
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