Civil rights movement

Brooke Hamar

Many people stand outside the 16th street baptist church In Birmingham after the bombing. The bombing was orchestrated by the KKK. The bombing killed several people and was an act of racism.
Children and their mothers gather to protests. They are protesting segregated neighborhoods using posters.
A white woman protests a restaurant that discriminates against black people. Her sign is encouraging people not to eat at this restaurant.
A black man protests a store that probably discriminates against blacks. His sign is telling people not to buy their clothes from this store.
Many students protesting segregation in Birmingham. There looks like there are slide cops at the scene.
Many people protesting civil rights on the Washington March. The Washington March was one of the biggest rallies that supported the civil rights movement.
Customers of this diner are protesting against the owner -Dobbs. They are protesting the job discrimination.
Women look at a cross that was burned in their yard by the KKK. The KKK burned crosses to show they were anti civil rights.
This is a picture of anti civil rights people protesting the civil rights movement.
People protest a hotel by going in and laying down. Sit-ins and other types of protesting like this were very common.
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