Take it from my perspective

This gallery shows the different perspectives of all types. A person can look at something and see one thing and it mean another. That same piece of art can mean something completely different than it was originally perceived as. 

The title says Blind man in Belsen. But, is he really blind? And if so, why is he blind? The contrast and elements of this photo are amazing.
This photo's elements is interesting. What is he measuring his mustache for? Or is he even measuring his mustache? This is the type of perspective this photo creates.
I love the different shades of the color of the rabbit. The shades of the rabbit make it look dirty and neglected, and hence the facial expression. Also, the rabbit having a facial expression is great
Now although this photo looks a little fake and/or photoshopped look at it. What are these guys laughing at? Why is there so many of them? Why are they all in speedos?
This piece of art is phenomenal. I absolutely love it. The colors, the contrast. What is this little girl sitting in this pond for? Is she lonely? Is she playing? This one causes you to think.
I love the texture, and overall theme! I love the collage aspect of it which allows you to guess why this was created like this. It's somewhat abstract, but when looking at it you can tell what it is.
A lot of emotions are brought up when I look at this photo. It resonates with me because I feel like I can relate. I love how it's a little dark, but perfect for the mood. Why is he by himself?
What a perfect way to give the viewer multiple ways to portray this one. From my perspective there is more than one way to get to a higher level of living. You just have to start somewhere.
this speaks volumes in my opinion. The way I perceive things this tells me that everyone in america is becoming the same or identical to their neighbor. NO one wants to be different or chase a dream.
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