Everything is the Same

SYMMETRY IS BEAUTY by Justin Montanez

I often wonder how these designs get printed on armor of the past with such precision.
Uniform static.
I love the symmetry and symbolism
With simliar number of people on each side and a central figure in the middle, the image screams symmetry
Again, the precision in which the design is imprinted is baffling for the time period in which it was dated to.
I love floral patterns like this that meet at the center. It's almost like a kaleidoscope.
This figure is almost alien-like, and his or her proportions are near symmetrical
I enjoy the uniform and symmetrical patterns of butterfly wings.
More symmetrical patterns within the design, all pointing to a center piece and equal parts on each side. Beauty!
This radial pattern is just amazing.
A kaleidoscope of skeletons, wings, and hearty things.
I am a huge architecture fan. Whenever I am in the presence of amazing work as this, I can't help but marvel at it.
Again, as an architecture appreciator, the perspective really helps to bring out the beauty of symmetry
I can barely draw the same thing on both sides, so how does one go about something as incredible as this?
The symmetry in the human body is and always has been a thing to marvel at.
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