Taylor's Exhibition on watercolor

This is an exhibition of some of my favorite watercolor paintings, or paintings that used watercolors among other things. I have always had an interest with landscapes and other works of art that had view of some body of water. Watercolor paintings have this uniqueness to them. The colors themselves are transparent and give off this illusion of glowing on the paper. This always drew my eye to these painting because the water looked perfect and touchable. Watercolors are made from natural pigments such as clay, or pigments that have been produced with a binder after being ground down. The watercolors can also be very opaque which can make the color seem dull when it is actually very bright. This makes water colors perfect for mountains and other parts of landscapes.

Watercolors help bring out the colors on this urban neighborhood street. The sun is coming over the left side and watercolors are used to make the house glow.
In this painting water colors show the ferocity of the storm that this gentleman is assumed to have escaped. Not only is the water a notable beauty but the viewer can see the shades of the sand.
This work was not watercolor alone, the artist used graphite as the medium for this drawing. However, watercolors were used to bring out the colors we would associate with this early morning depiction.
There is a distant town with what looks to be a sunset in the distance. the watercolors help create a peaceful feeling in the sky. The watercolors show light and dark.
The watercolors help make the wood of the boat look real. They also make the water look as if it could be touched. The light given off helps bring out the simplicity of this painting.
Credits: All media
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