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artworks in which perspective is used to give the feeling as if thou were inside them.

I personally used this picture for the use of perspective, maybe is not that much but you can notice like how the bot is coming in into that like old, broken, abandoned building.
the perspective here is really cool, when you are looking at it it feels like if you were in there looking at what those people are doing and looking at the mountains way back there.
although perspective look sometimes more realistic when there are more building on a picture this artist made a great job with the perspective on this one I could say again that you would really feel like if you standing inside the picture looking out there.
even though there is not that much detail on this artwork you can clearly see the use of perspective here  how like the woman in white is smaller cause she is farther and the room on the back helps by giving you the impression of how big the room is.
there may not be like buildings to like o inside the picture better but there is definitively good perspective.
this one is my favorite one, I believe buildings help you see the 3D representation better on a 2D surface because you can like notice how the building gets from bigger to smaller and that gives you a better impression that there is depth on the artwork.
this one is my second favorite, the perspective from the side walls to the back wall help you feel like you are inside that room plus the detail is impressive.
with the help of perspective you can see how higher the building on the back is from the statue.
with the help of perspective here not only you can see like how far the road goes back but also the it has hills 
agin I love how buildings with perspective help you feel like you were inside the picture
this one has a one-point perspective I believe and it feels like if you were standing on a big hill looking out to the valley
this one also have a one-pont perspective which leads kind of to the entrance that is on the way back and it helps me notice how big the room is.
a good example of how one-point perspective help you see that 3D representation
I love the detail in this picture and with the perspective makes it seem as if it were real
with the help of perspective you can see that this is a really big room.