This Side of Paradise 

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Experience is the name so many people give the mistakes." ~Oscar Wilde. This is perfect for the novel because of its accurate description of Amory, the main character. He is a reckless adolescent boy learning about love and heartbreak for the first time.
Amory Blaine is an aristocratic snob with devilishly good looks and an intricate brain. Drama mesmerizes him and he is entranced by the young flappers that arise in popularity during his college age.
The tone of the story is very experimental and dramatic. This side of Paradise follows Amorys studies at Princeton University. Not only does he learn new subjects, but he learns a lot about himself, and what he wants out of the world. He also learns a lot about love. He was born very confident and charismatic. So when he meets a girl that is the same, he is instantly attracted to her unique similar traits.
The Historical Setting of the novel is in the 1910's and 1920's. It mainly follows young Amory's life in high and college. But the most frequented thought on this bachelor's mind, is the beauty of the Princeton University flappers he adores. From heartbreak to heartbreak, these iconic ladies of the early 20th century define Amory's life. This art piece clearly depicts the beautiful women AMory gets involved with.
Text-to-World Connection- A connection to the book and the false sense of security of Amory Blaine, and his way of running from problems, reminds me most of young children hiding under blankets. It is the generic idea of children hiding from monsters with only blankets keeping them safe that emits a false sense of security. The 1920s were much the same, as everyone was enjoys the new technology of the world, and forgetting that everyone had debt up to their eyeballs, and they weren't paying it back. Only in the 1920's, Amorys probems were more real than the monster under the bed. Link to my day in the life. A low moment in Amory's life forces him to consider shipping off to France to fight in World War I.
Link to Mandala- This artwork depicts the excitement and heroism Amory craves, and is willing to die in battle for. He likes the idea of being a soldier more than actually being a WWI fighter
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