Vincents Night and Days

I chose Vincent van Gogh as my theme because I love his painting "The Starry Night." I looked at some other paintings he has done and i also like them. I love the way he uses color. Some of his paintings are mysterious and some typical. All the paintings I chose have to do with nature and life. Things you could do during the day or at night. He can hide things that make you curious. Its like he puts a game in them to figure out what he means.

I chose this painting because of the way he painted the water. Vincent really wanted to use the colors of the water. He used greens,purples, and grays. He mixes colors and makes them look great. This goes with my theme because it is a beautiful day to spend your day.
"The Starry Night," is a painting about calmness. It is a breezy night and everyone is down enjoying the rest of the day. The style Vincent chose was post-impressionism The medium of this painting is oil on canvas.
This painting is where Vincent once stayed with his brother. He would always go to the coffee shop in town. Everyone is moving around so quickly it is hard to pick one person out. The sky is gloomy and gray but the buildings are bright and colorful. This painting has a serious side to it. Everyone is doing their job. The colorful buildings are what make it fun. The medium is a blur, everything is kind of blended together.
This is a landscape painting. Vincent chose to do this because he wanted show a tree in blossom. I love the way Vincent uses his colors and blends them. He uses colors people would not think of using. I think it is supposed to show a small forest that you can walk through on a path. None of the objects are blended together, but Vincent blends lots of colors into his trees, and grass. The overall mood of this painting would be peaceful because it is a sunny day for people to take a walk and enjoy "The Pink Orchard".
Vincent painted this because he wanted to do a series a orchards in bloom. It did all of them in spring of 1888. This painting is in late spring when leaves have fallen off the tree onto the ground. The tree still has a beautiful bloom of flowers on a sunny day.I chose this painting because when i first saw it i thought it was snowing. Then i looked at it and read about it. The tree was so white because it was blooming so often.
This painting was done in Paris. Vincent enjoyed painting outside but did not always finish his work. This painting is an example. You can see his pencil marks in the back by the water and in the ground. I chose this painting because it seemed simple, to simple usually Vincents paintings have lots of detail. When i read about it I found this was one of his unfinished paintings. It is a common day by the river where you can relax.
This is another one of Vincents spring tree paintings. He said now his collection is complete with his blooming small pear tree. It was the last of his 15 landscape paintings. This painting i think takes place in someones backyard. They are growing a tree to make their backyard look fuller. i chose this painting because it was part of the collection he wanted to complete and this was the final one. The symbol is the look of the tree. it has just come out of winter and starting to blossom. The mood is the end of the day in the evening when the sun is starting to go down.
I chose this painting because it is not a painting. It is one of Vincents sketches before he decided he wanted to become a painter. He used pen and brown ink with lead on white paper. The mood of this sketch is winter, when everything is dead but the snow has melted away. Spring is going to be coming and the darkness of these trees will go away. This is a sketch of "his fathers garden in March, before the trees began to bud."
This is another "Starry Night" by Vincent. This was his first try. He did this one year before "the Starry Night." He chose to do this type of painting because when he was in Arles. He could not get over the effects of the nights.He wanted to do one so bad it bugged him. so he painted this one and was proud of it but did not think it was his best. So a year later is when he came out with "The Starry Night."The mood of this painting is a bit more romantic than the other one. Vincent hides things like the boats, and has the stars give you and effect of fireflies and stars.
This is the painting Vincent sent to his brother in a letter. He later painted it again using brighter colors. I chose this picture because It was so dark but the trees had color. I believe the two people walking together seem to be coming home from church because in the back round there is a tall building. I can not figure out what the other person is doing. But i think this gives the painting some mystery. I also believe the two people coming home from church are sad, as if they have lost a loved one. The mood then of this painting is sad and dreary.
This is one of Vincents last paintings he did before his tragic death. He was doing a study on countryside houses. But he wanted to give it a twist. So Vincents painted it as if it where backwards and flipped around. I chose this because when i first saw it i noticed it was not "correct." I could tell it was not a normal house so it stood out to me. The mood of this painting is night and gloomy. The night sky is beautiful and blue. But the house is all green and kind of sad.
This was another one of Vincents last paintings. He painted it in his last weeks. It blows me away even thought he was dying he was still painting and doing something he enjoyed. I think this painting had to do with his countryside paintings. a field with crows in it. The mood of this painting is a mixture a day and night. The sky is dark but the field is being lit up. I do not know why he did this but it is why i chose the painting.
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