This reminds me of when i was in Paris with my mom, my best friend in Denmark and her mom, and me. I remember when we waited 2 hours to come up and see the view from the eiffel tower.
I think that this painting is a bit like the one we drew as our thumbnail with the mountain to the left and in the background and the tree at the right and the mountains in the back.
I feel like i have seen this painting before somewhere so it feels familiar, kind of. I like that there is a lot of flowers in the grass and a farmer at the background.
I like this picture because it shows nature and green life and not the life that i am having because i am mostly just in towns, cities or in school.
This picture reminds me of Denmark because every winter, it snows in Denmark. Here in Tunisia, it doesn't snow and when i lived in Denmark, i used to love the snow.
This picture is from Skagen, which is in Denmark and i have this onling school thing in Danish where we learned about Skagen and the paintings there.
This reminds me of when i'm at the beach, one time with my friend from Denmark, and we're walking along the water. By the way, in the evening.
In this picture there is a lot of animals and i love animals. I have one dog and once two turtles.
This picture reminds me of when i was in Vietnam in the winter vacation and my mom and i went on a guide trip where we went out and someone sailed us in small rivers with trees on each side and, oh, it was really nice and beautiful.
This reminds me of Dubai because of the tall buildings and the modern new things
This painting doesn't really remind me of anything, i just like the sea, the fishing, the boats, the people,... etc.
I like this painting by Van gogh because it looks a bit like Tunisia with the dessert and the cactus in the middle
This is actually the same painting that we had for our thumbnail so it seemed familiar in a way.
This painting reminds me of Denmark because it looks like the tree is in spring and in Denmark, all the leaves are getting on at that time. Or maybe it wasn't spring, i don't know what it's called....
This is familiar because i have been to Paris like........ maybe 4 times... i don't know.
This oicture is a bit like the other animal pictrure. Not how it looks but that there is animals on it too.
I like this painting because it looks like a quiet life without a lot of noise and it looks like youcan just relax and that you don't have a lot of stress.
This painting is beautiful because of the green grass and the light blue sky and the white clouds.
This reminds me of the thumbnail freewrite that Mr. Basler showed us where there was this castle that was on fire and the weird monsters.
I like this painting bacause of the mountains, the matching colors, and the nature