Six String- (Ingo Ngoyama)

The Guitar has been the most romanticized musical instrument through out history not just for its sound but also for its aesthetics. Here we will take a look at the development of hand held  string instruments while centering on the guitar and also it's mystique. This Gallery’s goal is to bring to light the beauty in design of the guitar and its romantic energy.

This Gothic style background painting is very dramatic with its black background that really brings out the neutral colors of the clothing as well as the glow and coloration of the musicians face.The angled lines of the painting seem to make the guitar radiate thus making it really the focus.The high lights of sun or moon emphasizes the 3D effect in this painting and adds to the dramatic tone.
This Egyptian harp is beautifully crafted with primarily the color of gold which was a much used color denoting royalty in ancient Egyptian times. It can be assumed by the shape that it was sat in the lap of the musician as played. The slight weathering adds to its esteemed character as it is also painted with a jewelry type design around its neck showing its aristocratic roots. finally the length of the neck brings balance with the body.Just the mere presence of this item makes one imagine a palace room filled with onlookers as the musician played alluring love songs.
The sexuality seen in this picture is quite obvious. Due to scale we can see that the mother is the main subject of this painting.Using a 4 point pattern in the coloring of this you will find green, red orange, and purple. Thus creating an almost triad type color scheme that works together very well.With the nudity and phallic guitar you can not avoid the sexual power of this work. The rhythm created by the children's height and then the mother's makes her Stand out and shows hierarchy.
the Guitar player and his wife are of hierchal scale with their smaller child and dog. In the midst of the playing guitar one can sense the flowing dress of the daughter as she dresses happily around. The contrast of stability of the floor pattern being challenged by the movement of the daughter as she dances is a great focal point for the painting. Even though the child is in a smaller scale her dance is still the focal point as can be see by the arrangement of items all pointing at her.
This Mandolin is a perfect example of balance though symmetry. Its double delicious curved arms are very appealing with their grace swan like look. The varnish that is used on the wooden body give it a very sooth texture look while the warmth of the wood invites you to caress in your arms and make romantic music which is the only thing that mandolins are made for.
This Italian guitar was made with some very luxurious craftsmanship. The neck and body are brought to balance by the neck and rosette being both inlaid with mother-of-pearl while the neck itself is also of ebony wood.The warm colored wood is accented on the body by the bridge with a signature black design that gives it great a Italian character of romanace.
The variety of design of electric guitars is endless yet brought together by the guitar motif. Each has its own personality dictated by shape,color,and sheen. with a range of hot red to a cooling baby blue the stage for romantic music is set. Once again we have a black background to help emphasize the coloration of these art pieces. For some nothing is more romantic than multiple partners.
This musical performance poster For Albert King is a gem of art in itself.There is an overpowering presence of lines in this work as they are used to convey form, texture and contrast. 90% of this art work is made up of fine lines. Albert kings figure is proportioned out of square scenery which makes him look like a bigger than life romantic figure in moonlight.
It almost seems as though you are looking at the tattoos on the back of some Rock God as you look at the detail on the back of this acoustic guitar. The Gothic Black background is always a good way to make colors pop out at you. The art work itself is an interesting blend of contrasting romantic curvy floral pattern split into three sections by two lines of parallel straight stripes. This Guitar alone ,unplayed and facing the other way, is sexy in its own right and adds again to the romantic image of the guitar.
This rock giant is a quintessential modern guitarist as can be seen in this promotion for a concert at the esteemed Carnegie Hall. He is in classic pose with his hand on his guitar and the neck lined up to point at the venue sign making it the focal point. this classic stradivarius guitar is quit the phallic symbol of rock as it is held up to point at the venue sign. This is accompanied by him pointing at the sign thus again making it the focus point. the romantic mode is carried further with the sepia tone of the photo and the stylish Spanish dress giving a nod to the great Spanish guitarists of past.Then to top off the built mystique, a pair of stylish sunglasses are worn by him.
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