The thereof my gallery is movement. Basically because movement is passionate for me. I'll show  how objects could cause either illusion or movement in music and in our daily lives. 

I really like this picture because even though it is static, it shows that the music moves people. For me music is life so that's why I consider this a wonderful picture.
This image is amazing because describes perfectly music and the power of it. The contrast of colors, the sensation of disorder creates a perfect balance to describe the music by the movement illusion.
Clapping is one way to make a sound. Music is created by sounds and this image refers to a girl clapping and smiling at the same time. It's just the perfect description of what music creates.
Even though the movement is obvious. I think that this is a wonderful video. The shapes are constantly changing with music and it's different rhythm. A combination of color and shares creates balance.
Musical notes written on a paper could be basic and static but for me they have a different perspective. They represent language and language is in constant movement and change. It's just beautiful
The way that the mouth is open, the proportions and the space creates the illusion of movement in a shout. Probably a desperate shout where someone needs to express by music.
This abstract art with different colors and shapes just meant to me as vibration created by music. The yellow, the black, pink and green make me feel vibrations.
In this image we could not that the musician is feeling the music. Not just because he is performing on a stage but because of his face expressions.
This wonderful composition give me the illusion of movement and I can also relate it with music because of its curve lines and soft colors used in the composition
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