This gallery represents Okonkwo's most defined and important character traits from the book, "Things Fall Apart". Each piece of artwork relates back to Okonkwo's character traits and lifestyle.

This piece of art greatly represents Okonkwos anger. It shows how violent and irrational he was. On one occasion he got so mad at his wife that he tried to shoot her. That shows how unexpected he was.
This sculpture shows Okonkwo's confidence. He would back down from nothing and held himself very high. He took on the best wrester in the clan to show off his strength and manliness.
This painting represents Okonkwo's leadership. Everyone thought of him as a leader even if they didn't like him. In the book it was even suggested that Okonkwo was one of the egwugwu.
This artwork represents Okonkwo's manliness. It is probably one of his most protruding traits. He rejected who his father was, because he was effeminate and didn't have any good titles.
This painting represents Okonkwo's hard work. Okonkwo inherited nothing from his family and made the man he is today without any help from anyone. He is well known throughout the clan by his hard work
This piece of art represents Okonkwo being proud. He holds himself as a very high man and has high standards. He beats his own son, Nwoye, because he fears he is weak like his father.
Okonkwo was very ambitious. He could've followed in his fathers effeminate ways, but instead he rejected his father. He wants the respect of the members in his clan and will do anything to earn it.
One of Okonkwos most defined traits was his bravery. He was advised to not participate in the killing of ikemefuna, but he did so because he didn't want to be considered weak.
Okonkwo is a very stoic man. He never showed any emotion to his family or friends. He endured some of the hardest challenges a man could face and tried to not let it affect him. He won't show weakness
Okonkwo was a very violent man. He beat his wives and children and murdered many people. He even went to the extreme of killing himself. Okonkwo got his fame by wrestling and being a violent man.
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