Georgia O'keefe project-Erin McNeirney

I like how they constructed the leaf and how they did their shading around it. I was mainly looking for how they did their strokes.
This one really caught my eye because of realism and how they did their texture. Shading was spot on and the perfect fine points they made on each object was eye catching
I chose this one because of the texture, again, because I was trying to get a feel for how to construct a leaf using acrylic paint.
This painting was intentionally chosen because of the shadowing. I like how the light and dark fixtures are set in this picture. Originally supposed to inspire me with the idea of shading
I chose this one because of the small features like making the stems and getting mostly the places on which to use just white or just black and the blending of colors
I chose this one because of the structure and the small details in this painting. This also corresponds with the last painting I had commented on(6)
This was chosen mostly for shading purposes
What really caught my eye was the flower near the top left corner. I would want to try to get details and pattern like that flower when it comes to working on my piece
Credits: All media
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