Edvard Munch

In this exhibition, I have chosen the theme of Chronic Illness. This exhibition has art work from the artist Edvard Munch. Many of Edvard's art pieces focus on this theme, because he tried to explain himself and his life through his art. Edvard suffered from anxiety and other mental illnesses that he shows through his art,

In Edvard's most famous painting, he shows a typical evening in Norway with his friends. In the painting you can see two figures walking away so most viewers assume it's his friends leaving him. This gives Edvard the feeling of isolation and makes him feel alone.
This painting shows a girl who is sitting face down. She is sitting alone crying, with no one around to comfort her. She is feeling very lonely. Edvard painted this knowing how the girl felt, because he had been dealing with depression and loneliness for almost his entire life.
This painting conveys a sense of calmness, harmony and stability. In the painting you can see a shadow that most viewers assume it to be Edvards. While he was painting this, you can tell that he was feeling very lonely because of the color scheme he used. His mental issues are shown because the paining is focused on the loneliness he feels especially in the face of death.
This self-portrait Of Edvard revels his thoughts about how he feels mentally. He feels like he is in his own personal hell. Despite the psychological situation he is in he does not paint himself as a completely helpless victim. He is aware of his problems, but he still chooses to keep pushing through and live his life.
Munch meant for this painting to be nothing more than a woman kissing a man on the neck although some viewers have seen it different ways. In the painting we see a man suffering with a severe mental problem. The man is looking for comfort with his arms around his love.
In this painting, Munch shows his sister on her death bed. She died from Tuberculosis leaving Munch with the feeling of despair and also guilt because as a child he was also diagnosed with Tuberculosis but he survived.
During the years that Munch painted many of his self-portraits he was an alcoholic. He was always feeling uneasy and for most of his life he felt very alone. In this painting he is sitting by himself at a table with a bottle of wine which shows his loneliness. With the facial expressions that he is making you can tell that he is feeling helpless as well.
Edvard painted different version of this painting in different color schemes. It is an important painting to Edvard because it is a portrait of his sister before she passed away. He has always felt guilty about her death because he survived what killed her and also the loss of his sister left him feeling even more lonely.
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