DEW11 Renaissance art

During the Renaissance, the artists also had a rebirth of art. The paintings or sculptures were more detailed, and colorful. They were more interesting to look at and they were used to tell people things, like they had hidden meanings in some of them.

This is a sculpture that Donatello made in stone. The shallow carving makes it have an illusion. It shows a little bit of symbolism too.
This sculpture was made out of bronze. It shows symbolism, and its more realistic than other sculptures. It also is extremely detailed.
This is a bronze sculpture that has extreme detail. He carved it to look very realistic. Its three dimensional.
In this painting Leonardo da Vinci used an oil based paint. He used more bright colors in his painting. The people's faces were more realistic. It shows the soft focused background and the misty light on the horizon
This painting is very realistic. There is also a lot of color. It's extremely detailed, and more naturalism
It really showed humanism and it looks realistic. It has a good perspective and it shows humanism.
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