7th grade research (James McNeill Whistler)

James Abbott McNeill Whistler was a world famous artist who lived from 1834 to 1903. He was born and lived in Lowell, Massachusetts until the age of 17. He later died at the age of 79 in London, England. He is most famous for his advanced portraits and paintings, and for his magnificent sketches. James was in the U.S. Military Academy for a while, but he dropped out because he wanted to pursue his art career. After he dropped out of the army, James moved to Paris, France since he was fascinated with its art and culture. There he started to use realism in his paintings. He later moved between England, Paris, and Brittany. One of his most famous paintings is Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1. The painting is also more commonly referred to as Whistler’s mother. It shows a semi-realistic side portrait of an old lady, which is probably James’s mother. James thought the subject which was his mother didn’t matter in the portrait, and that people would enjoy the painting for its colors and shapes. However, the painting’s initial reactions were negative since most people thought that Whistler had depicted his mother in an unflattering and impolite way. Over 10 years later the French government purchased the painting and put it on display in the Luxembourg Museum, which is a famous museum in Paris. When James found out, he was delighted and thrilled to imagine his painting on a museum wall. James would then go on to paint many other important paintings that would make him famous. Even the best art critics in the early 1900’s considered Whistler to be one of the lead painters of their time. I chose James because I adore his art of ships and harbors. In conclusion, James McNeill Whistler has become an important artist throughout the world because of his wonderful paintings and portraits.

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