Japan and Chinas Use of Thirds

Collection of Japanese and Chinese art using the Rule of Thirds 

The reason why I picked this piece of work is because it is one of the best examples of the rule of thirds. Also because this piece of art is my favorite Japanese painting.
This painting uses thirds in all but the top left corner, and this painting of a landscape is beautiful.
I chose this painting because this painting is awesome and I really love the use of black and white with a touch of yellow.
The reasoning behind choosing this painting I because the cat's head is hitting one the the corners of the rule of thirds and I have always liked the way the Japanese paint tree branches.
This painting once again hits on one of the points in the rule of thirds. Also I really like the colors the artist used in this painting especially in the flower.
This painting to me at first did not seem like it would work for my theme. But if you divide the painting in half then apply the rule it works. Also I have always enjoyed these panel type paintings
This is another great example of rule of thirds with the crab being right where one of the points. Also I love the artist use of negative space in painting.
Yet another great example showing rule of thirds, and another great example of tree branch painting.
I chose this one because it reminded me of home when the snow starts to fall in october, and showed great use of thirds.
Another reason why I have liked Japanese art is their portrayal of battle scenes, and how they use rule of thirds to show key areas to focus on.
I really enjoyed this paintings use of color and also how they still manage to follow rule of thirds on such a big canvas.
Another great use of thirds to reveal the small birds hidden among the snowy tree branches.
Yet again great use of thirds by placing the hawks head right at one of the focal points.
For this painting I was really drawn into the use of the colors red and blue, and how the artist uses the rule of thirds to offset the figure into the corner.
For this painting I really enjoyed the blue on white look the artist had. Then the placement of the birds lines up with some of the focal points in rule of thirds.
This final paint was chosen over three other variants because I really enjoy the way the artist created the bee. In all three variants the insect is place in one of the focal points in rule of thirds.
Credits: All media
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