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This one's my favorite. It's a storm at sea, and it looks like it's just ending; although I suppose it could be just beginning. The light streaming in from the upper left-hand corner shows that the storm has passed, and everything will be all right. The swelling sea and the chiaroscuro effect makes this my favorite piece in this gallery.
This one's got a happy feel to it. The brush strokes are fast, and big. They go in every direction. When I zoom to the picture and look at the landscape in the distance, it's really just a random assortment of just a couple of colors. It looks like it isn't even anything until you zoom out and look at the big picture.
I did a little bit of research on this one, since it was a photograph and I was curious about it. Apparently Prince took pictures used as advertisements and rephotographed them, painting and cropping them how he wanted. This particular image came from an old Marlboro advertisement. Now it looks just like a random western scene, a cowboy riding through the desert on his horse. Perhaps depicting the essence of man.
This one's actually a little funny, because I didn't see the whole title and it wasn't until I zoomed in did I notice the aborigine that was stalking the animals. It's a nice wooded forest scene. Small, mostly precise brush strokes.
This is another one that if you look at it up close, it doesn't make sense. However, you can see how the colors work together as you zoom in. The colors all overlap each other and it's fun to take it all in up close. If you were just to look at one little spot, you would see many different colors.
Credits: All media
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