Renaissance Perspective

Compare: St Bernadino Preaching and Architectural Veduta. three similarities of the two works of art are that they both have a vanishing point the pops to the eye. Both use neutral colors. Also, there are buildings in both of the paintings and that gives them both a setting. Differences are that Architectural Veduta goes deeper into the background and has a deeper vanishing point. It also has minimal colors used, and it does not have much action throughout the painting. In St Bernardino, many people are in the painting.           Compare: Ideal city with Perspective Scenery           Some similarities of the paintings are they both have vanishing points, both use neutral colors, and both take place in cities. Some differences is that one uses mostly tan colors and the other uses grey colors. Also, Perspective Scenery does not go as deep into the vanishing point as the other.               Two paragraphs describing the works of art:              St Bernardino Preaching: In this work of art there are lots of people attending what looks like a ceremony. There are lost of cool colors being used; very little warm colors. The vanishing point extends back into the building and the trees in the background help enhance the vanishing point.         Architectural Venduta: The foreground is the inside of an old building and the vanishing point extends to the farthest point of sight in the city. The same tan color is used most throughout the painting with darker colors added to create shadows.                     The Ideal City: It looks as if it is taking place in the main square of the city. There a few people walking throughout and there is a defined vanishing point. There is a good variety in colors that enhances the feel of the setting.                                                       Perspective Scenery: There is only one color used in the painting. There is a defined vanishing point in the painting and it mainly focuses on one building and not a larger city. The vanishing point if focused through a column and looks into the background.    One Point Perspective paragraphs:                             One Point Perspective is when there is one vanishing point. In all of the paintings that we focused on, they all only had one that was surrounded by buildings and people of the town. One point perspective is important for the renaissance period because the renaissance period led to a deeper and more advanced future and using one point perspective in the paintings helps portray the advancements. It also helps show the state and era of the buildings of that time period.

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