Curator Project

The blue color scheme, the movement in the piece, the lines, and the texture present make it part of my collection.
This also has a strong blue color scheme in this painting. It also has the movement of the top of the painting as well as on top of the column. There is also texture in the bottom of the column as well as line structure.
This is another example of blue color schemes. This painting also has lines present in each aspect of the painting. The movement is represented by the way the middle of the painting shifts , acting as if this is a painting of places going around a town or world.
This painting really shows how beautiful blue can be painted. The texture is present both in the trees and in the clouds. The lines are in the rocks, clouds and the tree. As for movement there is movement represented by the clouds and the water crashing on the rocks.
This painting has a lot of different shades of blue. It captures the movement of the cascading shapes and then shows movement within the shapes. I love how the mixed shapes seem to make straight lines. The shapes make the texture, and the whole painting seems to be a whole display of texture.
Another piece by Vincent van Gogh that really captures the blue color scheme. I love how the movement is in the clouds, the trees, the grass and in the horizon. Lines are presented in the trees and to make the other figures identified. Like Starry Night this painting has tremendous amounts of texture.
The movement in this picture is very dominant. The whole painting is of the rhythmic composition, which is movement. This painting has a lot of blue in it, and the lines seem to make the movement be ribbons. The texture is present in the holes in this painting as well in each of the bands of movement.
Line is the most important feature in this painting, making up every aspect of the painting. Texture is in the trees and as the fill for all of the images. The floor is also a nice change in texture. As for blue, the color is prominent throughout the painting. The movement can be in the trees or in the predicted movement of the sword.
Credits: All media
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