Musically Sound

The gallery will involve the art of those involved musically in the past through paintings, sculpture, and old instruments from B.C. times still being preserved to this day. 

The art piece shows a woman holding a book with musical notes. It's a very colorful piece, with all the colors complementing the foreground and herself.
Definitely a unique piece, the dog is simply playing a piano with a nice background behind it. It definitely caught my eye due to the originality. Everything looks very well detailed.
A very old instrument, called the Qin, or Guqin in recent terms, which means Ancient Stringed Instrument. It's been around for over 5,000 years and is revered by the Chinese as "the Father of Chinese Music".
Made in 1970, it's shows a lady close to the middle teaching children about music and the instrument she is holding in her hands. Allegory, meaning a hidden meaning, it seems strange that there's, what looks like, a fight in the background. It's a bit confusing but quite interesting to acknowledge.
Musical Angel has a picture of an angel in the middle playing what looks like some kind of guitar. Through some research, it closely resembles a Vihuela or Oud. The colors are vibrant especially with the wings.
This picture resembles "The Madonna and Child" which for this art piece means the Virgin Mary and Jesus. In the middle is Mary and Jesus surrounded by musical angels making them the main focus of the picture.
In this piece, a musical group is practicing or even performing to others on a balcony. What looks like two guitars, or Vihuela's, are being used in this picture as well as a few singers. Within all of them, it seems that the duo in the middle is the main focus of the art piece.
The contest between Apollo and Marsyas is based on an old story where Marsyas said he could play the flute better than Apollo. In the end, Apollo won and punished the man for his challenge. The moral of the story is, don't challenge Apollo.
This box was given to Prince Feliks and Princess Zinaida but their children for their 25th Anniversary, hence the XXV. This means 25 in roman numerals. It's made of gold, enamel, diamonds, and rubies.
This art piece shows four people in the picture, two with violins. The picture is based in Keizersgracht, Amsterdam and the background shows that. It's incredibly well colored and has the same architectural style of the Dutch relating to the houses.
Credits: All media
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