The Great Depression

In the gallery Still Life, artworks by Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans are highlighted. Each artist captures the tragedy of everyday life during the Great Depression. In Still Life, Lange and Evans reach out and touch the hearts of others. This theme is so important because it forces us to look beyond ourselves and into the lives of others at a time the United States was in turmoil.

The main figure in the portrait is seen sitting, waiting for work. During this time work was difficult to find and forced many to sit and wait for a job to come. Lange captures the horrible effect of the Depression by showing the man close , so the viewer can sit and wait with him.
Identified as Lange`s best known image, this work depicts the effects of the Great Depression and the toll it took on the American families. Tattered and alone a mother cannot afford to feed her children who turn away from the camera in shyness.
The small child in the photograph stares off into the camera. As she looks onward notice her torn clothes, her arms frail from hunger. Lange commonly captures her images in the moment , not posed, which is so crucial in her work.
As a group of men wait for food to be distributed, look at the man facing away with his hands together. Even though there is no indication of the environment, it appears to be cold due to the hats and warm clothing the men wear.
The three houses shown appear old and deserted. Although there is no evidence of life in the quarter except for a cloud of smog in the air, Evans leads the viewer into an intimate time in American history and in the heart of a home .
Silverware by Walker Evans is powerful yet simple. The tools displayed in the photograph tell the story of what utensils were available and used. The wood in the work is scuffed and rough. During the Depression means were limited and people had to use what they had.
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