Color captures The eye

I chose This painting because the blues next to the yellows and browns make the picture to me pop and it stands out to me
The lightness of the bridge next o the darker colors of the water and frame really make the bridge jump off the painting
I think the use of color in this piece just make me want to stand out on that farm and take a deep breath of fresh air. I find it interesting that the use of color could be so powerful
the way that the color is denoted in the water by disquishing distance really makes the painting come alive
The blues yellows and greens give a sense of fall or which give me an feeling of calmingness. I chose this painting because I thought the color was powerful
Though the colors are flat, the district cool differences make the painting jump alive. this is why I picked this painting.
I am a fan of Van Goghs in general but ZI love what he did with color in his oh so many brush strokes
The way the water contrasts with the sky and bridge is very interesting and I like it
This paint is interesting in it use of color because of the contrasts between the blues and tan's
the intricate detail and the orange color of the woman's dress just makes the painting up and get captured by the eye
The paining is interesting because it at a large sense uses one color and different shades of that one color
The way that the color is very blended in the background and very detailed in the foreground makes this painting very pleasant to look at.
the use of colors and drama in this painting calm,most give it a baroque feel to it
The colors in this painting depict a very life like disposition
The colors on the landscape painting make me want to be in the mountains
Though there is great detail in the paint the colors depict a very emotional painting give me the sense that it is baroque
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